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Harriet’s latest book: Doing Business With Ease Overseas: Building Cross-Cultural Relationships That Last.

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Harriet was invited to speak at the Global Speakers Summit 2018,
a premier thought leaders global event in Auckland, New Zealand.

Topic: “It’s Not Personal, It’s Cultural! Using Conscious Communications in a Multicultural World”


For 30 years, Harriet Russell has been doing one thing —
Stopping people from offending each other when doing business internationally.

From managing Public Relations at Sony in the Big Apple to translating for Peter Jennings and the ABC News staff at the Tokyo Economic Summit to jetting off to Minsk for the U.S. State Department to educate and motivate entrepreneurs, Harriet understands when “Yes” really means “No,” and makes sure you do, too.


Cross Cultural Communication

Why Is Cross Cultural Communication Vital?

Communication between individuals of the same culture can be challenging. Communication between those of different cultures is even more challenging. Misunderstandings can range from humorous to catastrophic, and can halt business from moving forward. Quite simply, culture impacts business. Learn more…

Harriet Russell

Harriet Russell Can Help Your Staff Learn the Intricacies

Harriet lived and worked overseas for eight years and is fluent in several languages. She knows the ins and outs of intercultural communication, from verbal to non-verbal, and can teach you, too. Putting Harriet’s guidance into practice, many have expanded their international business. Learn more…

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See what other international businesses have said about working with Harriet. Available for one-on-one coaching sessions, by phone or in person, and as a dynamic Keynote Speaker for conventions and conferences, Harriet gets results. Learn more…


Stay Up to Date on Cross Cultural Communications

Harriet Russell writes frequently on various topics focused on intercultural communication and additional important corporate topics such as stress management. Read articles here, and sign up for our e-newsletter.

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