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HR_US_embassy_signSuccess starts with good communication

The holidays bring universal traditions and family connections with personal reflection. Communication between individuals of the same culture, even the same family, can be challenging.

And, communication between those of different cultures is even more challenging. Misunderstandings can be merely humorous or quite dramatic, and can thwart business from moving forward.

Whether you work within an American business that has international staff, or you are trying to break into the global marketplace in another country, understanding cultural differences can teach you how to interact and not react!

Culture impacts business. A global mindset is necessary for success in today’s world. All this from expert Harriet Russell.

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Harriet Russell  Р3 Essential Tips That Business Managers & Multicultural Teams Should Know.

Harriet Russell speaking at International Campus School, August 2016


2 Minute Power Tip:
How to Speak English to Non-Native Speakers
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