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Pricing Terms In Japan: Once It’s Fixed, Don’t Change It – Harriet L Russell

Some tips to doing business in Japan. Be thorough and have all the details before you agree and then stick to it.

Use The Pregnant Pause In Japan – Harriet L Russell

Different languages reflect different cultures in speed, tone, and rhythm. Learn about the importance of the non-verbal pauses and silence, when you are communicating in Japan, no matter the language you are using.

Gift Giving In Afghanistan – Harriet L Russell

Gift giving can be complicated, even with the best intentions. What to consider in general. Specifically, gift-giving to Afghans.

Countries Have Borders, Cultures Do Not – Harriet L Russell

Speaking in Costa Rica to a multicultural bilingual audience. Even with a common language, what culture we are in, changes how we present.

Two Faces In Japan: Public and Private – Harriet L Russell

Tatemai and Honne are the public face and private face of the Japanese. Public face is a customer service, polite, professional and positive stance. The private face shows the true feelings. Look beyond the words and behavior and understand the non-verbal customs of communication in Japan. “Yes” could mean “no” and what is shown is not always what is really being said.