Articles for the Month of May 2014

When Yes Means No!

Harriet Russell in Belarus

What You Need To Know About Cross Cultural Communications

For 35 years, Harriet Russell has been doing one thing — Stopping people from offending each other when doing business internationally. From managing Public Relations at Sony in the Big Apple to translating for Peter Jennings and the ABC News staff at the Tokyo Economic Summit to jetting off to Minsk for the U.S. State Department to educate and motivate entrepreneurs, Harriet understands when “Yes” really means “No,” and makes sure you do, too.

Harriet lived and worked overseas for eight years and is fluent in several languages. She is a published author by Encyclopedia Britannica, and has taught intercultural communications at universities here and abroad. Harriet has been commended by the Fulbright Commission and given an award by Rotary International for creating friendly relations among peoples of the world — and not just because she knows to kiss twice in Spain and three times in Italy.

Harriet has been interviewed by NBC, ABC, CBS, Crane’s Business, Asahi Shimbun Daily, and more.